The Power and Wisdom of God

March 29, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
Is the gospel credible? Is its message believable? Is what it says about the means of salva-tion something we can commit ourselves to? Paul discusses the views people have about the message of the gospel – but only one of those views has merit! “The Power and Wisdom of God” is taken from I Corinthians 1:18-25.

What Time I Am Afraid

March 22, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
As believers in Christ, our fears are not settled by the resolution of our situation – but in the understanding of our God. As we face this present situation, we must view it through the lens of God’s character and His promises. We’ll talk about that today as we consider “What Time I Am Afraid”. Our message will begin in Psalm 56:3.

What Kind of Heart?

March 15, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
Have you ever wondered why a gospel message can be preached, or a witness can be given, and some will respond to it in faith – and others will reject it in unbelief?  We’ll talk about that today as we look at “What Kind of Heart?” from Matthew 13:3-9; 18-23.

Bearing Precious Seed

March 8, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
A primary responsibility of the believer is to "make Him known" in their world.  That understanding of our duty is found throughout Scripture.  "Bearing Precious Seed" is taken from Psalm 126:5-6

Fishers of Men

March 1, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
“Fishers of Men” is taken from Matthew 4:18-20.       

The Credibility of the Gospel

February 23, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
What enables us to carry the gospel with credibility despite our vocational training?  We’ll talk about that today as we look at “The Credibility of the Gospel” from Romans 10:9-15.   

Nurturing a Servant Heart pt. 3

February 16, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
Being the servant of Christ is not about appearances, but rather, it is an attitude of heart.
     This morning we will look at the final two lessons Christ taught His disciples about being His true servant: “Nurturing a Servant Heart – 3” is taken from John 13:10-17.

Nurturing a Servant Heart pt. 2

February  9, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
Not only did Christ teach His disciples in this episode, He also teaches us the basic principles of servanthood.
     We’ll take that subject up again in our message this morning.  “Nurturing a Servant Heart – 2” is taken from John 13:4-9. 

Nurturing a Servant Heart pt. 1

February  2, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
There is no greater title we can bear in the Kingdom of God than that of being a “Servant”.  But what do we need to do in order to truly have the heart of a servant?
We’ll begin talking about how to do that in today’s message.  “Nurturing a Servant’s Heart-1” is taken from John 13:1-3.

Guest Speaker

January 26, 2020
Rev. Bill Denny
This morning we will have Rev. Bill Denny speaking for us while Pastor Brady and Ellen are out of town.

Molding Lives

January 19, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
Life is a precious thing, given to us by God Himself - granting each human being the privilege of bearing His image in this world.
“Molding Lives” is taken from Deuteronomy 6:5-9 as well as other Scriptures.

Reaching Out

January 12, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
All of us who are believers have been strategically located for the purpose of being “salt and light” in the world!  All of us are here for that purpose – it is the most important assignment any of us will have in this world.  “Reaching Out” is taken from Matthew 28:19-20.

A Place to Start

January 5, 2020
Pastor Steve Brady
The history we find in Acts has been very helpful to the church down through the centuries in terms of its mission, and the practical steps it needs to take in accomplishing that mission.  Its instruction is a good reminder to us as we begin this New Year.  That is where we will begin this year together in God’s Word.  “A Place to Start” will begin our study starting with Acts 1:8.