Obedience - Better than Sacrifice - pt. 2

Mar 24, 2024    Pastor Steve Brady

*This message was recorded on March 17, 2024*

We don’t always understand God’s ways in terms of why He does some things or why He doesn’t do other things! One thing that we can glean from the story of I Samuel 15 is just how serious God is about sin and our obedience to God in dealing with it! There was a context for what God ordered Saul to do with the Amalekites – a history of savagery toward Israel and disdain for God’s plan and purposes that had lasted for over 500 years! God’s plan was to use Saul to put an end to it!! But he was unwilling. There are always conse-quences to disobedience and we will see that in the conclusion of this story today. “Obedience – Better than Sacrifice – 2” is taken from I Samuel 15:16-28.