If You Love Me...

Mar 10, 2024    Pastor Steve Brady

*This message was recorded on March 3, 2024*

Some people want to view God as a sort of big fluffy Deity that is so cuddly and loving that He doesn’t really care how we live our lives so long as we get close to His expectations. If we don’t get that close its no big deal, He’ll forgive us anyway! To have that view of the Holy, Almighty God, is a tremendous mistake! Contrary to the popular opinion many professing believers hold, the Lord has set a VERY high standard for His redeemed people! He expects us to holy and Christlike in our thinking, speaking, motives, and deeds! How do we move toward the meeting of that standard? This month we are going to focus on Growing in Obedience. We’ll start today with a message entitled, “If You Love Me…” – taken from John 14:15.